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The creators of the new Pursuit app have created a virtual wallet that lets you store all your hunting and fishing license info in one place. The app sends out reminders when licenses have expired and stores all those state sportsmen’s IDs, which I personally can never remember and always neglect to catalog. It also gives a direct link to every state’s digital portal to buy said licenses. This alone should help speed things up for any angler or hunter that regularly travels or lives in border areas. Just think about how much time you waste simply trying to find the proper spots online to purchase this stuff.

What’s very intriguing about Pursuit, though, is that the end goal for the developers is to have the app be a be-all and end-all for such licenses. They hope that in the future you’ll be able to go to Pursuit, and licenses from all 50 states could be purchased right there. Wouldn’t that be sweet? I have doubts about whether they can cut through the red tape to accomplish this, but if they do, kudos to them, since it will make outdoormen’s lives much simpler when it comes to buying licenses.

The other thing I like about Pursuit is that it’s an anti-social app, meaning your information is yours alone—it’s not giving it away on the internet in any way.

If interested in checking out the app, go here for the iOS platform or visit