I’ve finally found a solution to my line burn problem when I go saltwater fishing (or streamer fishing). You know the deal, you’re making casts and the fly line inevitably causes slices and nicks as you pull it through your fingers. Or worse, you hook a big fish and then it takes off… yeooow! Tape falls off. Gloves are too heavy for me. Super glue wears off and rubs the line funny. But now there’s a better solution.

New stripping guides from Buff are made from lycra, so they stretch, they’re light, and they’re comfortable. In fact, even in the heat (I wore them in Belize), I barely notice they’re on. Another benefit other than saving fingers is that using these will keep your fly line clean as you fish. I’m test driving some today. Hoping to find some big redfish on in the Land of Giants with my old buddy, Captain Gregg Arnold in Louisiana.

These stripping guards will be available in January. I’ll get you more details (price, etc.) when that happens.