My friend Tim Harden over at the Venturing Angler alerted me to a story that’s a bit hard to believe. A husband and wife named Mike and Aimee Eaton are taking an entire year while working on the road (and living in a small 15-year-old camper) and trying to catch every major game fish the US has to offer. Here’s the crazy part… They are doing it with their toddler son, who’s, “affectionately being called ‘Gus’ in honor of Augustine ‘Gus’ Orviston from David James Duncan’s, A River Why.” They started this past January in Oregon and plan on seeing the rest of the country and fishing a lot throughout the rest of the year. You can read an in-depth interview with the Eatons on the nuts and bolts of the trip over at the Venturing Angler and follow along on their adventures over at the website or on Instagram for the next 10 months.

Call them crazy or genius I gotta tip my hat to the Eatons. They’re a brave two individuals and I wish them much luck on their journey.

What do you folks say? Sheer lunacy or would this be the absolute trip of a lifetime?