I spent the past two weeks with my wife, kiddo and some extended family in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York for our yearly summer vacation. Those of you familiar with the area know how special it is. Those of you who’ve never been, don’t pass up an opportunity to visit…

The more time I spend up there the more I really enjoy it. It’s a place that allows you to slow down, really relax, see old friends and make summer what it should be. Swimming, boating, fishing, and general cavorting. As such, I decided against my giant camera rig this year and relied strictly on my “point and shoot” Fuji mirror-less set up this trip to document it all. It’s tiny, unobtrusive, fits in my pocket and is way easier to carry around.

This year a dear friend from Colorado made the trip out for a few days. I took him to one of my favorite smallie lakes where we had an epic day on a pristine body of water. We caught them on streamers and mice up top. We also caught them on senkos and spooks. It didn’t seem to matter what you threw. It was a hell of a day and further reinforced my love of smallmouth bass.

Enjoy the show and the rest of your summer where-ever you might be fishing.