The Texas coast holds a special place in my heart and I feel rejuvenated every time I visit. This past weekend was just one of those weekends and made even more special that we decided to hold the “bachelor party” of one of my good friends near the tiny commercial fishing hamlet of Seadrift, Texas. It was really just an excuse to round up some good friends, fish a little, shoot some guns, cook some delicious food and hang out. The temperature was amazing, with not a cloud in the sky—the only problem was the wind. Of course it blew 25 miles an hour the entire time we were there, but between a few boats we managed a few redfish for dinner. We found solace in the pair of bass “tanks” on the property—taking out our wind driven frustration on those fish and shooting more than our fair share of clay pigeons. Hit the play button, move your cursor of the image player and take a 30 second break to the Texas coast.