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The first person I met as part of a Costa del Mar expedition to Guyana, in 2012, to chase arapaima was Dr. Lesley de Souza, who’s featured in this new film. She is a scientist dedicated to studying these elusive jungle creatures, and her work is helping keep them around for future generations. She’s always been the lead player in this story, in my mind.

We anglers might get all fired up about chasing 300-pound dinosaur fish and experiencing an entirely new brand of sport fishing in an era of “been there, done that.” But protecting arapaima is about more than just preserving the species. In truth, conserving this fish may be the key to saving indigenous cultures and the jungle it lives in. It’s a great win-win—a feel-good story that I’d like to see more often in fishing.

This new GoPro documentary will give you a clearer understanding. Enjoy.