A few weeks ago I traveled to Austin, Texas and after a long hard week of work and family obligations I thought it would be a good idea to stay a few extra days and go fishing with my good friend Jeff Rogers. If you’ve never had the pleasure of fishing the hill country rivers in and around Austin or San Antonio, then I would say your fishing bucket list is not complete. It is quite simply one of my favorite places to wet a line…

Almost all of the rivers are spring fed and gin clear with limestone bottoms or slightly tinged with aquamarine greens and blues and lined with cyprus trees. It’s mostly a bass fishery, but not just any bass fishery. Many of the rivers are loaded with the feisty state fish called Guadalupe Bass, smallmouths and of course mr. bucket-mouth. There’s also a smattering of other species like gar, sunfish, carp, Texas cichlids (the only native cichlid species in the US) that round out one of the coolest “warm water” fisheries you’ll ever see.

We spent two days fishing. The first we rented a canoe from a funky little place called Cook’s Canoe’s in Webberville,Texas just downstream from Austin proper on the Colorado River. It had rained hard for a couple of days though and with the river blown out this lovely little float basically turned into an exploratory beer drinking mission. The next day we met up with guide extraordinaire Marcus Rodriguez from the Guides of Texas and floated his home water. We threw flies and gear and had one hell of a good day with fish counts being so high I honestly don’t know how many we caught. The weather was perfect, fishing amazing, and company couldn’t have been better.

If you’re in the area or simply want to try something a little different contact the guys at the Guides of Texas and they can make it happen for you on the hill country rivers or the flats of the Texas coast.