Tim Romano

Caption Contest Winner Announced

Turns out I completely forgot to nominate a winner from the June 20th caption contest. Oops…sorry about that folks. You all were competing for a Scientific Anglers Fly Line and new Buff for all your outdoor adventures.

As usual, there was a pile of solid entries, but Dewman got me with “The Canadian Navy is ordered out in full force for counter terrorism drills.” Hell, Dewman could have won with like five of his entries…Dewman, when you have a chance hit me up at tim@anglingtrade.com and I’ll get your stuff in the mail.

Here are some of the others that made me laugh:

From Dewman, who wrote, “As the rapture came to be, all men did learn in that moment the relevance of Jesus being a fisherman.”

From Wittsec, who wrote, “Please adopt, they need you.”

From Gloomhound, who wrote, “Here is a picture of all the boats I can afford.”

From Dewman, who wrote, “Jug fishing for sharks proves to be a short-lived fad.”

From Paul Shepherd, who wrote, “When you tell the wife that you and some friends need to support a friend at the end of his rope…Anchor rope, that is.”

From CrowMan2, who wrote, “As summer progressed the newly discovered disease started showing up more ‘The Empty Trailer Syndrome’ thought to be transmitted by flies.”

From jmoran76, who wrote, “Don’t worry, honey. We’ll find Dory.”

From ccandwater, who wrote, “Now, that’s my kind of trailer park!”

And, finally, from sgtsly, who wrote, “Auditions for the new reality show on Outdoor Channel, Tiny Trailer Big Boat, are underway.”