Fly Fishing photo

It’s that time of year when many of us have set up our fantasy football teams and are ready to start the season. Since my fantasy football roster is likely headed straight to the league basement, I started thinking about fantasy sports that I might be better at. I only came up with one: fly fishing. When Draft Kings challenges people to pick fly patterns, I’m in. Think about it. If you were to draft a fantasy team of fly patterns (for trout), what would you pick?

You get to pick 12 patterns. Five dry flies, five nymphs, and two streamers. And you must fish ONLY those flies for the rest of the season. No trades, and no “injured reserve” if you mess one up or hang it in a tree. Worm and egg patterns don’t count.

Here is my team:

Dries: Size #10 tan Amy’s Ant (starter), tan Elk Hair Caddis (#14), size #16 Parachute Adams, size #16 H&L Variant, size #20 Mole Fly.

Nymphs: Size #14 Red Copper John (starter), size #18 black Zebra Midge, size #14 Prince Nymph, size #14 Bead-Head Hare’s Ear, size #12 black/tan Pat’s Rubber Legs.

Streamers: Size #8 black Woolly Bugger (starter), size #8 Autumn Splendor.

Anyone want to take on that lineup?