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Reel covers are great for more than just protecting reels.. Tim Romano

This one’s an oldie but a goody.

Most fly reels come with some type of neoprene cover. Though these covers are great for transporting reels to and from the water, I have found them to be even more useful for protecting camera lenses, small point-and-shoot cameras, phones, and other valuables while fishing.

I use them to keep items in a waist pack or backpack not only protected, but also divided. Many times I’ll simply slip my phone, wallet, and keys into one just so they’re not adding to the confusing mess that my bottomless black hole of a fishing pack tends to be. As a photographer, when I go on long trips, I’ve found reel covers to be a simple, elegant, and inexpensive solution for protecting valuable lenses, without my having to spend a fortune on items specifically marketed for such a task.

Next time you’re out on the river, lake, or flat, and need a little organization or protection, remember the handy dandy reel cover.