Back in October I had the pleasure of fishing just outside Austin, Texas for bass on some of the most beautiful rivers you’ll ever see. It was a fantastic two days and one of my favorite places to fish. Getting my fishing license this time around was absolutely hilarious though. After telling the nice lady working the machine that I all I wanted was a two day, out of state, freshwater fishing license I was handed the piece of paper below.


I thought she was pulling my leg and I laughed. She asked why I was laughing… I nervously laughed again and realized she was dead serious. The thing was literally thicker than my wallet and used more paper than the last decade of licenses here at home. I’m still not sure what it all said…

Anyone else have to deal with anything like this license wise in your state? It’s always a hassle with hoops to jump through and crappy government websites, but this license purchase took the cake for me.