Feel free to disagree, but this has to be the silliest fishing invention I’ve seen in a while. Do we really need a fish weight measurement device that utilizes your iphone to weigh your catch and post it to social media immediately? The reasons against in my mind are many…

A. It looks clumsy to hold and tough to put together in the heat of the moment. I mean the website lists 6 steps to get the scale set up including calibration… 6 steps!? Every scale I’ve ever used just works.

B. Chill out and maybe just concentrate on fishing, rather bragging to your friends on facebook about the .7lb bass you just caught.

C. Something tells me that hook isn’t so friendly to larger fish when stringing em up for the scale.

I could go on and on, but again feel free to disagree. I’d love to hear from the other side that thinks this might just be the greatest invention ever.