Three Fishing Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s Friday: That means it’s time to waste some of your workday with a few minutes of fishing videos. Here are three of my favorites from pursuing the interwebs the past couple of weeks.

1. The first is “a classic summer adventure on the roadless South Fork Flathead River in Montana’s vast Bob Marshall Wilderness.” Because July can’t come soon enough, right?

2. The second film, Above Iliamna, by Jason Sching, follows a crew with the Alaska Salmon Program as they study sockeyes during a massive migration—and it's gorgeous.

3. This 12-second clip is just a goofy mashup of a lightsaber and double-handed rod. As the filmmaker Jess Gibson says, “Sometimes a good cast feels this way.”

Happy Friday and enjoy a short respite from work courtesy of FlyTalk.