I’m a bit of a bass freak. Not gonna lie… Whether it’s on gear or flies I love em. Largemouth or smallmouth, stripers, hybrids like wipers, or exotic species like the Guadalupe bass in Texas all get my vote of approval. I just love the aggressive nature of what and how they eat. That’s why I can’t get enough of the GEOBASS crew. These dudes are chasing bass species you’ve never heard of all over the world. The last two times we checked in with them they were sticking “golden bass” in Africa and “rainbow bass” in the jungles of Nicaragua.

The latest episode and season finale has these guys visiting Papua New Guinea for a fish called the black bass, casting 130 lb leaders with massive hooks on 14 and 16 weight rods for a bass that can easily break anything smaller. It’s simply insane… Do yourself a favor, take a quick “hump day” break and check out the craziness.