If you’re into bass fishing at all it’s almost impossible to not to be interested in what the boys over at GEOBASS are doing. My friends and fishing freaks are trekking the world in search of any bass they can find and are having a hell of a ride doing it.

Their latest adventure has taken them to Africa through multiple countries in the fifth episode in search of the emerald fire bass and super chunky “Golden Bass” rumored to exist via local lore. Though the boys had a rough go with hippo attacks, elephant roadblocks, dried up lakes and gnarly drives they ultimately prevail with a fly called the swamp mamba tied from hair weave material they purchased at a local grocery store. The “Golden Bass” smack-down toward the end of the show is one of the craziest display of big bass fishing I’ve ever seen whether on fly or conventional gear and is well worth the watch.

Grab a coffee, maybe a second danish and settle in for your Monday distraction…