Young or old. Male or female. Married or unmarried. Getting the old “hall pass” to go fishing can truly be an art unto itself. As you read this, I’ll be sliding down the Colorado river in Kirk’s new boat under the guise of a “meeting” on the river with my business partner. Now there’s a little bit of truth to that, but I’m simply crossing my fingers that my wife doesn’t read this as the fish are on streamers and small dries. It’s supposed to be cloudy and about 65 degrees, with perfect flows and not a hint of rain. So, yeah, we’re going fishing.

I stumbled across this video by Dustin Miller of an obsessed angler honestly discussing how he gets to go fishing. It’s a gorgeous, candid, and different take on an aspect of fishing that I’m sure we can all relate to.

So, I’m curious, what’s your go-to move for the fishing hall pass? Come on, you all post under pseudonyms anyway!