Last night my family carved pumpkins. When I was done with mine (pictured above), my wife just rolled her eyes and my daughter asked what it was. I know it’s a bit nerdy… Actually a lot nerdy, but this is the time of year I move from actually fishing to dreaming about next year.

I’ll clean up the pile of gear in my garage that’s been in a complete state of chaos all summer here in a week or two and start to store stuff for the winter. De-riging rods, and unspooling certain reels… There’s sure to be one or two more streamer trips before I hang it up for good, but for all intensive purposes I’m done. This is the time of year I start to concentrate on bird hunting, getting ready for ski season, and obsess over the occasional trip to warm weather fishing climes. Call me crazy, but I think fishing in the winter just isn’t that fun and the older I get the less I do it. It’s miserably cold, you basically have to force feed fish, ice filled guides are a constant pain, and here in Colorado I’m a firm believer that our tailwater fish simply need a break as there’s no closed season here.

Sure, I might get out for one ice fishing adventure and if I had a run of anadromous fish I’d probably brave the elements, but I don’t and simply watching a bobber all winter just doesn’t do it for me. Around late January I typically get a jonesing and head out for a day, but inevitably almost always realize that I just wasted a day not skiing. What about you? Do you love winter fishing? What am I missing?