width=500 I have a lot quite a bit of gear. But not all gear is the same. Depending on whether I’m hunting or fishing, I have some stuff that I don’t mind forgetting—and then I have my favorites that I never leave home without. For the next few weeks, I’m going to try to highlight some different items as part of a My Favorite Gear series. Here’s where you come in: Some of my stuff is antiquated, or possibly inferior to what you all currently use. If so, tell me about it. I’m all about making life easier and more enjoyable when I’m outside. One that note, I’d like to post some of your favorite gear. If you have three or four favorite pieces of gear, make a list, tell me why each particular piece of gear is your favorite, and e-mail the list to me at I’ll post your name and list for everyone to see. After a few weeks, we’ll throw the names of everyone that participated in a hat and draw for a prize. Three winners will receive a RedHead Deluxe Gear Bag (like the one above) with the Generation Wild logo. Trust me, these bags are big enough to hold a TON of gear. That said, let’s get the ball rolling. My first favorite piece of gear was a solid friend to my feet all hunting season—my boots. I’ve had some bad pairs in the past, but last year, I spent more money than I’ve ever spent on my feet and it was a decision well worth the expense. Archery season, rifle season, and even trekking through the snow this winter—they performed flawlessly. If I didn’t have this pair in my arsenal, I’m not sure I would have reached some of the places I was lucky enough to go this year. Now, let’s hear from you. What hunting and fishing gear do you all rely on most? —Ben