Elijah Ford is just 12 years old, but when it comes to turkey calling, he’s already a natural. Literally. Earlier this year, the six-grader from Jackson, Mo., competed in the Grand National Calling contest, and he was the only participant who didn’t use a reed, box, or slate call. He did it all with his own voice. I thought it’d be fun to compete and only do natural calls, Elijah said. I didn’t place, but it was still really cool. I got to meet a bunch of different people. I think I’ll be back. Until his next competition, however, Elijah has some more important business to attend to: Killing his first turkey. I’ve been out once this year. I heard some hens, but I didn’t see any gobblers. I’ll get out again. I hope this’ll be my year. Below are two video clips of Elijah demonstrating his natural talent. One clip is from the Grand Nationals, and the other is a video Elijah put together exclusively for Generation Wild. As you’ll see, he’s pretty darn good. But sounding this good didn’t come easy. Calling is really tough, says Elijah. It’s something you have to work really hard on and practice a lot. But it’s a lot of fun. Calling to a turkey with your own voice is really cool. —Colin