width=500 If there’s one thing hunting elk on-the-go teaches you, it’s that ever ounce counts, and if there’s something you don’t absolutely need, get rid of it. Every pound you can shed makes a difference. One area I save some weight is in the food department. I’d like to think I’m becoming a freeze-dried food connoisseur given the number of “just add water” meals I’ve slid down my gullet the last few seasons. When it comes to dinner, you can’t beat chicken stew. It’s not as good as homemade, but it’s a close second. After that, some of my all-time faves are the dessert portions. For my money, you can’t beat the freeze-dried banana cream pie. It definitely receives my five-star rating. I’ll even pack these along for a snack on simple day hunts. Of course, I also like trail mix (heavy on the M&M’s) but again, the weight of all those nuts, raisins, and fixins can start to bog a pack down. Peppered jerky is a good one as well. It’s light and full of protein, but once I start eating it, I can’t stop. What’s your preferred snack for the trail or treestand? Granola bars? Oreos? I’m looking for some good recommendations here before I head out again. —Ben