In many parts of the country, hunting season is winding down or already over. I am done except for a day or two of antlerless deer hunting, so it’s time to look back. I had some wonderful days in the field, like the morning this snapshot was taken, two days from the end of Iowa’s pheasant season. That’s me and my setter, Ike, after the hunt. Jed pointed a limit of pheasants for me, and I shot three with three shells. Ike is too old and slow to do much good on his own, but he got to honor the young dog’s points and as you can see, he was pretty happy about it.

That was my best day of the year, but there were enough other great days that this season ranks very high even the body count was quite low:

I got to hunt with both my sons several times.

In Texas, I saw 25 covey rises in a single day.

My friend M.D. and I finally killed geese together, breaking a jink extending back four or five years.

Jed had a great puppy season.

I stayed safe, shot fairly straight, and remembered to enjoy what I was doing. That makes 08-09 a banner year.

The question is, how was your season? Let me know.