_By David E. Petzal
Over the past week, my vocabulary of 268,391 words expanded by one, and that word is “prepper.” A prepper is not to be confused with a preppie, who is a person who has attended an exclusive private high school. A prepper is someone who believes that The End is nigh, that society is breaking down, and that if you want to be around to see what’s left, it’s best to prepare for The Wrath to Come.

It would be easy to write preppers off as so many whack jobs, but there are some highly uncomfortable facts that prevent it:
1. Our economy is sick unto death with no cure in sight.
2. Ditto Europe’s economy, except moreso.
3. Climate change is here, not coming, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a lot of laughs.
4. The first of the great famine/drought-driven migrations is at hand in Somalia, and we are going to see more, including one here.
5. Congress.
6. The White House.

That’s enough, wouldn’t you say?

There seem to be two camps of preppers–the run-and-hide camp and the stay-and-fight-it-out camp. I’m trying to decide which makes more sense.

There are something like six post-apocalyptic movies on cable right now, probably the most realistic of which is The Road. It’s a good film, except that it gives Charlize Theron only a few minutes, and if the whiny kid were tagging along with me, I’d sell him to the cannibals for a moldy poncho.

Is Ruger going to make a left-hand Gunsite Scout Rifle anytime soon? I hope so.