A while back we talked about relative recoil of the .44 magnum and the S&W .500. Here’s a video on the topic from none other than “FPS Russia,” who has become a viral hit due to his ability to procure all kinds of weaponry (dragon’s breath, mortars, the AA12 shotgun, an APC with a M2 on it) and shoot things while keeping up a foulmouthed running commentary in a fake Russian accent.

At any rate, in this video FPS Russia doesn’t swear much, and the comparison here between the .44 and the .500 is instructive, even though you can’t actually feel the recoil. You can tell that the .500 is louder, and that a bigger fireball comes out of its muzzle.

The most telling indicator of the difference recoil, though, is the size of the two groups. The .500 group is bigger, despite being a five shot group, not a six shot group as with the .44. I would bet the difference is increased shooter error, brought about either by more recoil, or just as likely, a slight flinch in anticipation of all the fire and noise the .500 generates.