Rolling along in our ongoing Simms photo contest, we asked for shots last week of “extreme” fishing. That’s a pretty loose topic, and we received a wide range of photos that captured both extreme conditions and extreme scenarios. But in the end, this week’s winner was Mark Huber, who sent in the photo below. This one struck a personal chord with Rich Hohne from Simms, who lives in Montana. “Anyone who lives in a cold climate sometimes has to push the extreme to get on the water,” says Hohne. Congrats, Mark, you just earned a pair of Simms Pursuit GORE-TEX shoes and are now in the grand-prize running for a pair of Simms G3 Guide waders and your photo displayed on


If you’re curious about which other extreme fishing photos made it into the final five, click here and check out the runner’s up gallery.


This week’s photo topic is fishing with kids. So if you’ve got some killer shots of the youngsters tearing it up on the water, email them to and check back next Monday to see if you scored a win with the Simms crew. All “fishing with kids” photos must be received by midnight on May 22nd. If you missed them, click here for full contest details.