Yesterday at ICAST I had a chance to check out Berkley’s new Gulp! and PowerBait products with product manager Brad Danbom. I noticed pretty quickly that aside from some funky shapes and styles coming out this year, Berkley suddenly got really into garlic.

Almost everything in their 2011/2012 line-up devoted to trout is garlic scented. According to Danbom, many trout trends that Berkley picks up on start in California and migrate into the Rockies and the latest trend to do so is fishing with garlic-scented bait. For Berkley to go so garlic crazy, there must be an awful lot of people that think trout go garlic crazy.


Garlic scent, of course, is nothing new in fishing. There are, or were, numerous companies making garlic scent specifically designed for use on bass lures, or to spice up a catfish bait. But in all my travels, I’ve not actually met anyone that swears by garlic scent for either species. I’ve also never heard of trout being particularly keen on garlic. It’s not exactly a natural scent, but it certainly is pervasive in the water. So I’m curious, do you put any stock in unnatural scents like garlic, cheese, or anise?