Imagine you’re spending a relaxing day on the lake. Everything is going well until your lure hangs up. But lucky you…the snag pulls free. What you see on the end of your line is not a branch or clump of weeds, but a severed human foot. Then the foot comes unhooked and sinks back down to the bottom. So what happens next? If you’re the young kid this actually happened to on Wednesday, you get thrown into the middle of an all-hell-breaks-loose situation.


According to this story from the Chicago Tribune, the boy and two adults he was fishing with notified authorities as soon as the foot fell off the line. As you can imagine, dive units from the sheriff’s office and local fire department converged on Lake Marie in Antioch, IL. Eight hours later they found the foot (above) using sonar scans, which turned out to be nothing more than one of those cheap rubber props you can buy at Halloween mega-stores every fall. Do you think this poor kid is now scarred for life?

This reminds me of a surfcaster’s tale (which I believe to be true) that has circulated on striper Internet forums for years. A guy was tossing a plug on a rough night in Jersey. He gets a “strike” and can’t budge the fish. Thinking he’s into the bass of a lifetime, he plays it carefully. When a wave finally rolls his catch up on the sand, he turns on his flashlight and sees his lure hooked on a woman’s body that had been severed at the torso. After soiling himself, he found out it was just half a manikin that was floating in the surf. Can you imagine?