The young lady in the photo below is donning a solar-powered bikini created by Brooklyn, New York, designer Andrew Schneider. No, it will not super-charge her tan, but it will charge her iPod or cell phone while she’s laying on the beach. I saw this story on the website of the Huffington Post, and what I found most intriguing (aside from the photos) was that this bikini can be warn in the water and still function. If this technology exists for beach bunnies, imagine what anglers could do with it.


Off the top of my head, I’m thinking of a few solar panels on your wader straps that power a small digital thermometer sewn into the chest panel. Run the thermometer lead down the leg to the ankle, and you’ve got instant water temperature readings (I get 50% if you steal that, Simms).

Having solar panels on hunting and fishing jackets could let you keep a trickle-charge on handheld GPS units. Panels on life jackets could help small LEDs stay lit if you’re floating on the lake or ocean in the dark. And maybe down there road, solar power could translate into pocket hand warmers that don’t fizzle out midway through a day of winter steelhead fishing. Study the photo closely and let’s hear some of your ideas. Have a good weekend.