Here’s the scoop per the website of the Ottawa Sun. On November 9, Jason Phillips (left) decided to run out on the St. Lawrence River for a bit of walleye fishing. Phillips was trolling a deep-diving crankbait when guess what? A 54-inch, 70-pound muskie took a swipe. If I were in his shoes, I’d have that same “I need to check my drawers” look on my face.

Back in 2009, a 65-pound muskie was released in the St. Lawrence that stands as the current catch-and-release world-record for the species. Phillips let his fish swim away, too, so now he may be the new holder of that title.

According to the article, the fish pulled Phillips’ boat a quarter mile, and took thirty minutes to land. What makes this catch even more astonishing is that it was the first muskie Phillips ever caught, and he’s been a life-long angler.

Despite the fact that friends informed Phillips Bass Pro Shops would have paid $10,000 for the muskie for a skin mount, he feels good about the release. From the story:

“It swam away for 20 yards, stopped for a minute and then it just bolted to the bottom,” recalled Philips in watching to see if the huge fish was alright after the long fight.

There was never any thought of keeping the trophy fish estimated between 20 and 30 years old. Philips and [fishing partner Sandra] Ellis figured the fish deserved to live to swim and fight again.