Technically I suppose this should be my Christmas blog, but Will Ferrell and Old Milwaukee beer are funnier. So if you want something to get you in the Christmas spirit you’ll have to find that 24-hour Yule Log TV channel. If you like cheap, all-American beer, check this out. According to this story on FOX News, comedian Will Ferrell approached Old Milwaukee and asked if he could shoot a series of low-budget commercials for them…some speculate he did it free of charge. If you were Old Milwaukee, would you have said no? Ferrell’s homages to his favorite brew are only running on local stations near Davenport, IA, and Terre Haute, IN, where they were filmed. While they’re all hysterical, you’ll see why the commercial below is my favorite. Share it with the fam over the weekend, and have a very Merry Christmas everyone!