You’re not seeing things. That’s a Louisville Slugger with fly rod guides and a reel seat. It belonged to Ted Williams, who, as evidenced by the photo, was not opposed to running across a flat and swinging for the fences when he just couldn’t land that Crazy Charlie in front of a cruising gray ghost. I’m joking, of course, though the novelty bat did belong to Williams. It’s actually his own signature model bat, reworked and renamed “The Bonefish Slugger.” And if you act now, it can be yours!


This bat is one of many tackle items that belonged to Williams being auctioned at As of this writing, the price for the “Bonefish Slugger” was well over $1,000. Other cool items include Ted’s custom Fin-Nor Wedding Cake fly reel, a signed Sears & Roebuck fly reel, and Ted’s fishing vest. Whether you like vintage fishing gear or are just a sports memorabilia collector, it’s worth checking out. Who’s feeling like a big spender this Friday? Have a great weekend.