You know, I love flyfishing for trout. Truly I do. But in reality my trout fishing roots sprouted with a spinning rod and a Panther Martin in hand. That’s why when I took off for Arkansas last week to fish the White River, I was looking forward to leaving the whippy sticks at home for a change and chucking jigs and jerkbaits (and even soaking dead baits…can you believe it?) for the big browns that made this tailwater so famous. There were two things that impressed me most about this river: the shear number of trout that live in it, and the fact that an angler of any age or skill level can catch them. My buddy Alex Robinson from Outdoor Life joined me on this adventure, and in 3 days we caught more trout than we could even film thanks to veteran guide Crazy Mike Neher. Now, if you want to know whether the Outdoor Life guy or the Field & Stream guy scored the biggest brownie, you’ll just have to watch and learn. Enjoy the show.