Ever have one of those days on the water when no matter what you throw, no matter how many tricks you pull, you just can’t catch a single fish and get so mad you want to choke something? Yeah, me too, but thinking it and doing it are two different stories. According to this article on, when Sergio Alvarez (left) couldn’t hook any dinner on the Malibu Pier in California, he quickly decided fowl sounded better than fish.

About 5:50 p.m. that day, a bystander flagged down a sheriff’s deputy and said a man was choking a pelican.

When the deputy showed up, the brown pelican “flapped its wings in distress until its body went limp and died,” sheriff’s Lt. Robert Wiard said at the time.

Alvarez first said he found the bird dead, but later admitted he caught it and killed it because he was hungry and hadn’t caught any fish, a spokeswoman for the district attorney said.

__Thing is, brown pelicans are protected in California, so Alvarez earned himself 60 days in jail for animal cruelty. If nothing else, he’ll at least get a free hair cut out of the deal while he’s in the slammer.