By Joe Cermele

I read a ton of different blogs and websites about fishing, but one of my favorites has to be Wired2Fish. They are, in my opinion, one of the most provocative bass-related sites on the interwebs. Today, writer Jason Sealock posted an article over on Wired than poses an interesting question: How often to you ditch rubber skirts on spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and buzzbaits in favor of soft-plastics? I’m sure, like me, you slap all kinds of soft-plastic trailers on these lures, but Sealock makes some very good arguments for losing the skirts all together.


First and foremost, Sealock argues that when you take a run-of-the-mill lure like a spinnerbait and alter its profile just a little bit, it can make all the difference in the world and catch a bunch more fish. But he also says that losing the skirt and adding a more streamlined soft-plastic is going to make lures with gangly wire arms skip under docks and cover more easily. Ditch the skirt on a buzzbait and switch in a soft-plastic, and Sealock says it will glide over grass, pads, and weeds a lot smoother.

So how many of you have already been losing the skirts? If you haven’t, do you think some of Sealock’s points are valid? I do. Check out the full article here.