By Joe Cermele

You can thank Scandanvians for IKEA furniture, excellent chocolate, and now (at least it’s believed by designer Robert Selfors), the most innovative fly rod ever. In the video below you’ll hear Selfors’ story and get the skinny on Arctic Silver rods, which are supposed to be much less strenuous to cast than traditional rods because the butt end of the blank free-floats in the handle, allowing it to pivot. Selfors says this reduces the amount of energy needed to cast, thus reducing that jelly-arm feeling you get after a day of chucking streamers on a 10-mile float. Seeing as I haven’t tried one, I can’t say whether it does or doesn’t work, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Do we need a better mousetrap? Gimmick or wave of the future? By the way, Selfors put this video together to entice potential investors, in case you’ve got some money burning hole in your pocket.