Though I’m not sure it’s going to continue, for the moment it’s pretty warm outside. Kinda feels like spring is approaching. Not wanting to waste a 65-degree day in March, I made my first trip of the season to one of my favorite trout streams in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains last weekend. And I was delighted to see bugs. Stoneflies were coming off, though not too heavily, and the trout were eating them, though not too heavily.

Yes, it appears the warm days woke up the bugs. And as per usual, it also woke up the first goobers of the season. I fished many popular rivers all winter without seeing another soul. First day over 60 and there I stood with another flycaster just downstream, a little closer than I liked, who was trying to be covert about rubbing a little green Power Bait on his nymphs. But I caught him and he knew it.

“I like to put a little scent on them,” he said. “I like to fish alone,” was on the tip of my tongue. For one thing, adding any scent to flies in a fly-only section of river (which this was) is illegal in PA. It’s also the ultimate fly sin in my opinion. If you need to dress flies with Power Bait, just grab a spinning rod and use the damn Power Bait. Split shot, sink tips, strike indicators, and synthetic materials have already taken a lot of “fly” out of “fly fishing,” but I use all of them. However, scent is crossing the line. Are you with me?