I’d have caught that scum-scum sucking pig rainbow trout if…

I’d have done what jvento suggested:

“Size up to an 18 non-parachute pattern and keep the emerger on. Cast and play the waiting game. Let him find your fly instead of presenting it in front of him.”

Play the waiting game. That is the key, I think. I’ve replayed the situation over and over, and have thought I cast too much… should have found a pocket of clear water, placed the fly, and waited. I think that might have worked.

So, as the scum-sucking pig contest winner, jvento wins a Temple Fork fly rod. Not too shabby. Hit me, jvento, at, and I’ll send it out to you, but not for a couple weeks (I’m on my way from the Bahamas, to Montana, to the Everglades… more on those adventures to follow…)