If you’re like me, you probably get pretty tired of lugging sets of real or synthetic antlers into the woods so you can hopefully rattle in a buck. Rattling antlers not only take up too much space in your hunting pack, but they also tend to clack and clank together as you walk, alerting any self-respecting buck in the area that something isn’t right.

So, I got one of these Pack Racks in the mail from Knight & Hale the other day. At first glance, I was thinking, Yeah right, this will work. But you know what? It does. I haven’t tried it in deer season yet, but this thing sounds incredibly realistic. All it is, is two pieces of plastic, different consistencies, tethered together with a piece of rope. It carries as one unit, so it’s silent (and compact) in your pack. And when you want to use it, simply pull the two pieces apart, flip them around, and start turning them in different directions. You can change the tone with more or less pressure, and it really does sound like two bucks fighting. $24.95. www/ – Jay Cassell