“I, like many natives of Upstate New York, grew up in a hunting family and own a gun. I learned at an early age how to safely handle a gun and I believe that every law-abiding citizen should always have the right to own arms.”

 That is how Congresswoman Kirsten E. Gillibrand begins her statement regarding the Second Amendment on her government Web site. As New York Governor David A. Paterson's choice to fill Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's senate seat, Gillibrand will be sworn in January 27 as the Empire State's new junior senator. Congresswoman Gillibrand's issues statement continues: 

“In September 2007, I introduced a resolution to make Hunting and Fishing Day — the 4th Saturday in September — a nationally recognized holiday. I have also cosponsored a resolution to recognize hunters for their continued commitment to safety.

“In Congress, I have also sponsored measures to protect and open up more federal land for conservation programs that will promote and allow hunters and fishermen to enjoy their passion for the outdoors.”

 While she's also supported the National Instant Criminal Background Check System Improvement Act and has spoken of her belief in common ground, combine the statements above with the Congresswoman's A-rating from the NRA and I'm all ears. Of course, I'd love to know what kind of hunting she grew up with and what kind of gun she owns (I'm working it). As much as I want to think of Ms. Gillibrand as someone at least approaching the real thing, there's much to be learned about this little-known democrat. 

 Also, a piece of blog business: despite appearances the 2008/09 season Gear Giveaway is not yet over! Some of the changes associated with this shiny new site have gummed up the Giveaway works a bit. But I had a winner chosen last Friday, who will now be announced this week. In the meantime, the swearing in a new pro-gun U.S. Senator can be your reward! -K.H.