Wait a minute. Hold on, now. It’s not me saying so. It’s the winner of the previous “Shoot Me Down”–that is, the person who gave the best argument against my wild assertion that “The .260 Rem. Is The Best All-Around Whitetail Cartridge.” It is our own Walt Smith, who has agreed to accept the coveted prize of doing my job for me, as a guest blogger. Put another way, Walt is my guest. So be nice. Disagree, by all means. Shoot him down, if you must. Nail him to the wall. But be nice about it.

(Seriously, Walt, thanks for playing along.)

With that, here’s Walt:

_Food Plots and Baiting Are One And The Same

Whether you till the soil and plant seeds in the ground or you stop by the gas station and buy bags of corn and carrots to spread on the ground, the only reason you go to all that trouble is to attract deer to your stand. Either way, you’re baiting.

__There are many Quality-Deer-Management believers out there who will argue up and down that their food plots are helping deer achieve greater nutrition and bigger horns. That’s just smoke and mirrors. What they are really doing is trying to protect their form of baiting practices and gain an edge on their neighbors who cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on food plots. The way I see it, there is no difference between a 60-acre food plot, a 20×20-foot food plot tucked away in the woods, or 100 pounds of corn scattered over a 200-square-foot area. They are all the same fundamental practice; they all achieve the same result; they all are baiting.

There you have it. Stand with me–or shoot me down._