With the Academy Awards coming up this Sunday, it seems like a good time to recognize the best of YouTube’s whitetail-related videos. So let’s have your nominations. If there’s a YouTube video featuring whitetail deer that you think is cool, funny, exciting–whatever–post the link in the comment section below, along with a suggested award category (Best Action Scene, Best Comedy, etc.), and I’ll take it from there.

Meanwhile, lets start with Best Buck-Fight Soundtrack. It’s funny. Buck-fight scenes are not unlike certain others video scenes (or so I’m told) in that once the action starts, so does the music. . . . Hey, hold up now, I’m talking about cartoon chase scenes. Geez. What are you thinking of?

Anyway, the nominees for Best Buck-Fight Soundtrack are:

Commercial Hard Rock

Heavy Metal

Cheesy Throw-Back Synthesized

And (by far my favorite) Crazy Nonsense

Okay, who’s your winner? (And don’t forget to include links to your favorite whitetail YouTube videos.) -Dave Hurteau