Attention all! The buck I posted last Friday is out–and this is it’s replacement.


Sometimes you can’t win for trying. If you remember, my stated reason for posting F&S bucks here was “because it’s the easiest way for me to pull together photos of good bucks whose gross scores aren’t public knowledge….” Well so much for that. When Scott sent me the photo I posted last Friday and said he hadn’t publicly disclosed the buck’s score, I went back to his original September 30, 2009 post about the deer to double-check, and sure enough he did not post the score. But what Scott forgot and what Kris24 correctly pointed out is that he did refer to the score in a subsequent post. Scott just emailed me saying, “I am red-faced in shame and am willing to wear a hair shirt for a day as penance.” My face is burning a bit, too–but I don’t even know what a hair shirt is.

In any case, apologies to all. Sorry for the inconvenience. Luckily, Scott has taken more than enough big bucks to come up with a quick replacement. So once again, the deer in the above photo is your new Round II buck.

Here’s what you’re playing for.


You know the drill.