Very soon, one lucky hunter flinging arrows in the backyard with a relic of a compound bow will look up from his practice–distracted by the hum of a delivery truck–and break for the driveway, dropping the antique on the ground. The sky will open and a friendly-faced man will hand him this:


On Friday afternoon our finalists submitted their guesses for the tie-breaker buck–and we now have a winner. Jlove51wl went with 151 2/8. MB915 guessed 148 3/8. The buck–yet another dandy from the crowded wall of Whitetail columnist and fellow Whitetail 365 blogger Scott Bestul, who arrowed it on a Kansas farm in 2006, a week before Thanksgiving, as it stopped at 7 yards, to make a scrape–scores… 142 6/8.

Which means: Congratulations MB915! Well done. Way to go. I’ll be contacting you soon to get the specs for your brand new Bear Attack compound bow. To jlove51wl, and the rest of you, thanks for playing and there’s always next time–which will be soon.