The Walden & Bork purse in this picture is made of ostrich skin, which, for all I know, is not an unusual accessory among those better-heeled than myself. What makes it unusual, and appropriate for this space, is that W&B will take the hide of an animal you shoot and custom make it into a high quality leather piece. I think that’s a very cool idea: besides the head on the wall and the meat in the freezer, you can have the hide of almost any trophy animal you take made into a wallet, a checkbook holder, a three ring binder, a purse, a money clip, gloves, all kinds of stuff. You send Walden & Bork a tanned hide, wait 8-12 weeks, pay them a goodly sum of money (the purse above sells for $745) and you’re all set. Yes, it costs a lot, but so do ostrich-hunting trips, from what I hear.

I recently had a chance to look through a box of Walden & Bork leather goods and the workmanship – which is done here in the USA – is outstanding. All in all, as someone who believes that using as much of any animal you kill as possible is a laudable idea, I like what W&B is doing.