Well, the Edge does not cost $4,000; its MSRP is $320 or so, but then on the other hand I wasn’t invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, and I have to get over that, too. Whatever. The Edge is Savage’s new econo-rifle. It comes in long and short versions from .223 to .30/06, and employs a new, simplified action to hold down costs. The stock is molded, a nice clean job with no mold lines and a very good fit around the metal. It has a recoil pad that actually soaks up recoil, and feeds from a detachable box magazine that works fine.

I got a .308 to shoot. It weighed 6 ¼ pounds, had a 22-inch barrel (all Edges do) that was notably rough, but despite this, shot well. To wit:

Federal Gold Medal 168-gr. Sierra Matchking: .888
Federal Vital-Shok 165-gr Sierra GameKing: .945
Remington 150-gr. Core-Lokt SP: 1.311
Winchester 147-gr. FMJ: 1.501
Winchester 150-gr. Silvertip: 1.963

The wild hair is the trigger. It’s not the Accu-Trigger, but a much simpler and non-adjustable mechanism that, on my rifle, scaled 6 pounds 4 ounces and had unlimited creep. Pulling it was like hauling Rosie O’Donnell down a bad road. Savage advises that altering it will void the warranty on the rifle and result in an unsafe condition. It’s possible that I got a bad trigger and that the others are fine. If I were in the market for an Edge, I would try it in person and not buy it sight unseen.

That aside, I like the Edge. It’s light, tough, accurate with ammo that agrees with it, and will get you into the woods and hunting for very little money.