Apparently there are a few too many razorbacks roaming around the home state of the Razorbacks. The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission hopes to change that.

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_Arkansas wildlife officials have relaxed hunting rules to dramatically reduce the number of feral hogs, which do an incalculable amount of damage to wilderness and crop land each year. The beasts introduced in by Spanish explorers have bred with domestic hogs and spread at a rapid pace over the past couple of decades. In 1977, feral pigs were seen only in an area along the Ouachita River in southwest Arkansas, but they can now be found throughout the state, said Blake Sasse, a wildlife biologist in charge of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission effort to kill off the hogs. “Some of it is natural expansion. A lot of it is due to people catching hogs and letting them go because they want to hunt them,” Sasse said. “They didn’t fly there.”

__It is against the law to let a captured pig go free, he added. The hog population also is multiplying because sows can have two litters per year and average six to eight piglets per litter. They can start reproducing when they are 6 months old. Most Arkansas wild hogs weigh between 110 pounds and 130 pounds, but some grow to 400 pounds, Sasse said. To reduce the population, state officials have encouraged hunters to shoot any wild hogs they see while they are hunting other species, and they don’t even have to haul away the carcasses. “We’re not interested in maintaining them as a sustainable resource,” Sasse said. However, Jaret Rushing, a Calhoun County extension agent for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, said there may be value in keeping some hogs around. “If people travel to hunt them, that would provide economic benefit,” said Rushing, who once hit a hog while riding on an all-terrain vehicle._

Kill ’em all (which is, of course, impossible) and leave ’em lay or at least try to manage them as a game species? Your reaction?