Noted author Bill Bryson once began one of his wildly-funny travel memoirs with this line: “I come from Des Moines. Somebody had to.” I wonder what Bryson would think if he knew his home state was now so popular with hunters they’re willing to risk jail time to “move” there…

From this story in the Chicago Tribune:
Authorities say there’s been an increase in hunters falsifying records so they can obtain illegal resident hunting licenses and deer tags in Iowa . Iowa Department of Natural Resources said Monday the state’s reputation as a choice place to hunt trophy-sized whitetail deer has made it tempting for nonresidents to try to hunt in illegally. Iowa offers 6,000 nonresident deer licenses a year and the department says there’s up to a three-year wait.

Conservation officer Joe Fourdyce says there is a trend of nonresidents buying land or a home and getting an Iowa driver’s license and trying to claim their residence is in Iowa. Fourdyce warns that this is a felony. Authorities say charges have been filed against three Louisiana men since August.

Your thoughts?