Imagine you’re in a treestand with your bow, it’s just before dusk and you’re scanning for movement. You see something approach, and it’s not a buck–it’s a mamma black bear and three cubs. They seem hungry and they find the ladder to your stand. Could you imagine something worse? It was reality for the 21-year-old Michigan hunter in this story, who nearly didn’t survive.

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An Emmet County man has a different kind of hunting story to tell, after he was attacked by bears while sitting in a treestand. Deputies and the Department of Natural Resources were called to the area in Bear Creek Township, which is near Petoskey, Saturday night after 21-year-old Chad Fortune was attacked by a female black bear and her three cubs.


_Fortune told law enforcement officials that he was bow hunting for deer just before dark on farmland when the bears approached and then climbed up his treestand and attacked him. Fortune said at first two cubs climbed up the treestand ladder, and when he shouted at them, they dropped to the ground. A third bear then climbed up the tree, and the hunter punched and elbowed it until it fell from the tree.

Then a bear climbed up the treestand ladder and bit Fortune on the leg. Fortune remained in the treestand for two hours until his fiancee and father came looking for him, worried that he had not returned from hunting after nightfall. After helping him down from the treestand, they transported Fortune to the hospital for treatment.

He was treated at the hospital for bites to his left calf, thigh and shoulder._

So what would you do if you were in Mr. Fortune’s situation?