Given the number of comments on David E. Petzal’s recent Gun Nut post reviewing the Work Sharp knife sharpener, everyone is looking for a quick, easy way to keep their blades shaving sharp. I’m no different. Not too long ago, I splurged on a Chef’s Choice 112 three-stage sharpener, which I use to keep an edge on everything from my paring knife to my skinning blade.

I have to admit, though: I envy anyone who can maintain a sharp knife with just stone or steel. I think that’s one of those skills you measure your manhood by, and in that regard I fail. But, that doesn’t stop me from trying. Recently, I came across this video, which shows how to sharpen your knife on a stone. The chef’s technique surprised me as I’ve thought you should draw your knife across the stone, rather than rubbing it lengthwise.

To help clear up my confusion, I’m turning to the experts that read Field & Stream. Can you sharpen a knife on a stone? And if so, what technique do you use?