Two men who rescued a deer from a frozen river weren’t applaued, in fact, they were ticketed for not wearing life jackets.

From this story (via Outdoor Pressroom) in the Annapolis Capital:
_Two men who helped rescue a deer from a frozen river last week were fined for not wearing life jackets aboard their inflatable boat, authorities said.

At 5 p.m., Baltimore County fire and Natural Resources Police officers were called to the Patapsco River Bridge at the Baltimore-Anne Arundel County line because a deer had fallen through the ice and was trapped.

James Hart, of Jessup, and Khalilalim Abusakran Jr. were on the scene, but officers told them to get off of the waterway because they weren’t wearing required life jackets, NRP Sgt. Brian Albert said. The men continued to advance, and managed to break the ice so that the deer could follow the path of shallow water that was about 50 feet to the shoreline.
_But because the men didn’t follow instructions, they were each fined $90, Albert said. “We’re coming under scrutiny,” Albert said. “But it’s easy to pay a fine. It’s hard to tell these gentlemen’s families that they didn’t make it because they were trying to rescue a deer cross the ice.”