On the British holiday of Boxing Day, or to us westerners, the day after Christmas, hundreds of traditional hunts were called off due to weather. Apparently, there is some unrest in the UK over a ban on hunting with dogs, and the holiday was an opportunity for the debate to come to the surface. From this story in the Telegraph:

More than half the 300 Boxing Day hunts across the country were called off as snow and icy weather continued its grip on the countryside. However, thousands still turned out in full hunting dress in a show of support for the sport.


_The cancellations came as the Countryside Alliance (CA) called on David Cameron to revisit the “farcical” hunting act following his personal commitment to ending it.

It urged its members to continue to fight the ban on hunting with dogs by organising more meets across the country.

The CA said that hunt leaders from the west of England, particularly Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire who are heavily monitored, had warned they “could not carry on” much longer under the ban if other parts of the country did not continue to lobby their MPs for a repeal of the ban.

Around 100,000 people had been expected to join in around 300 Boxing Day hunts, which were moved to Monday because hunts cannot take place on a Sunday._